Ostpreussenlieder and Herdin...

East-Prussian songs and Herdin ....

East-Prussian homeland,

strange hunters will hunt in your forests,

the axe of strange woodcutters will be heard in wintertime.

In your blue lakes strange people will bathe,

strange farmers will drive their horses across your fieldsand will sow in your fruitful earth.

But skies and sun and wind,

forests and rivers and lakeswill always remain the sameand will forever be the country of our fathers,

the country of our youth.

On ancient gravestones of beloved people,

the inscriptions will fade away,

but lilacs, acacias and cherrytrees will spread their perfume.

Meanwhile our scars will heal,

as we recognizethat our whole life has been a travel across the sea and as our hearts will spread its sails,

we will be carried away by the wind.


From: "Petroleumduft und Rübenfelder"Memories of East-Prussiaby Erna Radtke



In the year 1982/83, after my return from Spain, I decided to produce a recordwith the title "The most beautiful songs of my East-Prussian country".


At that time this was more or less pioneering work, but with a lot of passion, encouragement from readers of the "East-Prussian Magazine" and my friend Mimo, who coproduced the album, I managed to successfullycomplete the project despite the many difficulties.


I was born in 1943 in Korschen, county Rastenburg, in East-Prussiaand dedicated my life to the arts of music and oilpainting. Part of my energy went to the realisation of this record with East-Prussian songs.


One is always criticized while accomplishing a project, however, if you listen carefully to my songs, I believe and hope that you'll notice this light vibration inthe background that invokes the love and the strong longing to a lost homeland, that, in my heart, still carries the name of East-Prussia. I'll wish everyone who listens to my CD a lot of pleasure;maybe you'll sense the emotions, desire and passion of East-Prussiathat one can easier express in music than in words.

Yours Sincerely, 


           Herdin Radtke



On the second CD 'Take the glance of sunlight', you'll find songs and ballads which I wroteduring the last 20 years on my travels across Europe, searching for a new homeland.